What is The TONE?

The TONE stands for The Tribe of New Earth. It represents an expression of the awakening occurring within humanity at this time. Through prayer, intention, sound, voice, breath, meditation, global events, community circles, circlesinging and sacred wisdom sharing, TONE activates and sustains the realization that we are...

One Tribe Co-creating A New Earth.

In the beginning there was silence and then out of the silence came sound.

Sound has the ability to uplift, inspire, illuminate and bring healing and Peace. Sound and Voice expressed with Consciousness and Intention have the ability to communicate into the Heart, Spirit and physical cellular levels. Sound and Voice can act as carriers of the awakening to our world, bringing healing and peace and a deeper understanding of our Divine nature and the interconnectedness of all life.

Sound, voice, prayer, intention and conscious action play an important role in the offerings of The TONE.

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