Birth of The TONE

How The TONE was born

It all began in 2006 on a journey to the land of Aotearoa (New Zealand). Nikita and Cornflower were on a tour through both North and South Island, when they had a stop in Christchurch.

Nikita was the event coordinator and sacred intention holder of the event, and Cornflower was offering an opening vocal invocation calling to the elders and ancestors of the land.

In attendance was a man by the name of Barry Brailsford. He had been asked to carry the great story of the original Pacific peoples to the world. After Cornflower completed his invocation, Barry turned to Nikita and said with trembling voice and his body shaking with spiritual energy “I have to respond!”

Nikita then invited Barry up to speak, where he then began to speak of a prophecy of the original peoples of New Zealand (also known as the Waitaha). This prophecy spoke of the return of these peoples of Peace, called the Waitaha Nui. It spoke deeply to Nikita and Cornflower.

Upon their arrival home to the States, they felt the call to unite the Waitaha Nui, the New Peoples of Peace, as a tribe of the New Earth that is rising. Cornflower then realized that the first letter from each word made a new word, TONE.

With chills running up and down their bodies, they knew that this best encapsulated this symbolic frequency of this peaceful people, as the famous statement says: “In the beginning there was silence and then out of the silence came sound.”

Sound has the ability to uplift, inspire, illuminate and bring healing and Peace. Sound and Voice expressed with Consciousness and Intention have the ability to communicate into the Heart, Spirit and physical cellular levels. Sound and Voice can act as carriers of the awakening to our world, bringing healing and peace and a deeper understanding of our Divine nature and the interconnectedness of all life.

Sound, voice, prayer, intention and conscious action play an important role in the offerings of The TONE.