The One Song Project

In late August of 2008, Chip Richards of New Earth Creations and Peace in the Water and Nikita Gearing & Cornflower (of The TONE and The Global Prayer Wave) came together to explore a vision they all had with Sound, Voice, and global participation in a sonic prayer inspired by the whales and the song they sing each year into the Oceans of our planet.

A few days later, Chip heard the name, The One Song Project. Following this clarity Nikita, Cornflower & Chip birthed the idea, format and intention for the One Song Project and thus the foundation and vision for the One Song was birthed. The very first One Song was synchronized with the Peace in the Water Peace Vigil on June 21st 2009.

As all of this was coming through, little did we know the powerful indigenous significance and ancient lineage that this project would tap into and align with, a powerful prophecy that would see ancient wisdom uniting with the modern day world to assist the global shift in consciousness to Peace, Unity and recognizing our interconnectedness with all of Life.